Want to become a successful social entrepreneur?

Want to become a successful social entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurs have significantly improved the lives of the disadvantaged and the underprivileged around the globe than we like to give them credit for. They rewrote the age-old notion of charity and donations as the only means of welfare, engraved deep into our conscience, through innovation and coming-together. What for long was seen as the responsibility of the government and NPOs is being shared by capitalist businesses. 

If you are keen about social entrepreneurship and want to give a hand to people who have not been as fortunate as you are, here are a few questions to help you get started

What is that plaguing thought that gives you sleepless nights? It could be the thousands of kids dying every year due to lack of access to clean drinking water and food, poor condition undereducated women have to put up within their households, ever-increasing rape cases, farmer suicides that are triggered by produces perishing due to lack of electricity, and the list goes on.

Pen down your mission statement and define the demographic you wish to serve through your business.

The set of skills and talents you can put to use for the well-being of another. Your years of education and experience, the connections you have built, your communicative or cognitive skills, etc. List them down and see how they will benefit your business. Along with that, acknowledge your weaknesses so that you can reach out for external resources

You don’t want to go down the same road that many have toiled time and again bringing no results. Think outside the box and see how you can change the scenario. Identify the problems with the current system and find sustainable solutions. For example, you want to help the weaver community in your village who are on the verge of extinction. You find that currently they are robbed of profits by middlemen from cities who purchase from them for a negligible price and sell it to big brands making a huge profit margin. As a solution, you can set up an e-commerce website that will deliver clothes directly to customers retaining more profit for weavers rather than relying on middlemen. 

If you want to change the world while making a livelihood, you need more than just a fire in your belly. Setting up a social enterprise is different from starting an NPO as the former finds answers to social well-being through commercial strategies. You need to lay down a defined set of directions and draft a solid action plan to guide you in your journey. 

Change begins from within

Whether you want to leave a mark on your customers by shouldering social responsibilities or want to contribute to society through your organization, social entrepreneurship as a business model is gaining mainstream attention and is definitely here to stay. In a country like India that houses multicultural demographics mostly belonging to the underprivileged category, the importance of social entrepreneurship can’t be stressed enough.

Having put our faith in different plans and policies for social welfare throughout the years only to let out a long sigh of despair, we need initiatives from the inside to bring real change. Conscious capitalism could provide an answer to the many problems we face as a nation. With the advent of social media and technology, there has never been a better time to become a social entrepreneur. If you believe you have what it takes to be a social entrepreneur, the only person stopping you from breathing life to your dream is you. 

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